02 October 2014

Tiago André Teixeira Soares wins edition 2014 of REN Award

'Electricity Markets Considering Modeling Complex Contracts and Aggregators' was the theme of the 2014 edition of the winning work of the REN Prize, written by Tiago André Teixeira Soares.

Tiago André Teixeira Soares was chosen by the judges panel, led by Professor of FEUP, João Peças Lopes. Luís Carlos Rodrigues Junior and Luis Filipe de Oliveira Gomes got the 2nd and 3rd prizes with the themes 'Integration of renewable energy sources in the electricity system through Virtual Renewable Plants' and 'GAIC: An intelligent and flexible system for simulation and support the participation of small and medium consumers in the active management of loads within smart grids'.

In the delivery Awards ceremony, held in the Champalimaud Foundation, were also given three Honorable Mentions  - Rodrigo Marinho Manuel Pires, Jorge Miguel Gonçalves da Silva and Marco Filipe Matos da Fonseca - in an edition that was marked by a record number of nominations, 53 in total.

The REN Prize is the oldest scientific nature premium in Portugal that highlights the best Master's thesis carried out within the networks and electric power system and covers for a few years, the themes of natural gas, and since 2013 the topics of mathematics, information science, communication and physics.


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